Our City

Founded in 2003, on a historical territory occupied by “Moonetic” LLC, as a voluntary association of independent moonlighters (locally known as the Union of Grdonchiner).

Today the “City” represents a sovereign studio where gathered are free designers and occupied developers. All “City” residents are masters of their art, cultural revolutionists and social educators. It is an intersection of material and intellectual production, both – real and virtual.

Main values of the “City” are its residents. The “City” obligations are made for their benefit. The “City” residents benefit from their rights. Anyway, the “benefit-right-obligation-benefit” word order does not matter. The “City” has its laws. The “City” laws are mandatory. Mandatory laws are formulated correctly. The “City” laws are valid both if in written and verbally.

The “City” encourages the hereditary transfer of power. The power inheritors of the “City” has nothing to do with the inherited power. The “City” authorities believe that support-ination is the best manifestation of subordination either from bottom to top or from top to bottom.

The “City”
grants permissions to:

a) violate freedom in creativity of anyone within the “City” and everyone from the outside, provided that customer’s tastelessness will be punished by a material harm to his budget, while customer’s stupidity will be compensated by the therapy of communal drunkenness.

b) have political addictions provided that no neck veins will ever be blown during debates held on a higher pitch of voice and accompanied with sweat beading on a forehead.

c) go through creative crises and suffer from depression with psychotic features provided that agony is limited up to 24 working days (meaning all week days except those officially proclaimed as “hangover days”).

d) utter genial absurdity in the absence of Vaghinak Ghazaryan, provided that it will be anything but citations from “The Good Soldier Švejk”.

The “City”
denies permissions to:

a) neglect alcoholic drinks, football and Japanese poetry.

b) criticize Artak Baghdasaran.

c) bullshitting – in any interpretation.

The “City” religion is closely linked to authoritative power. Any religious cocktail is drinkable.

The “City” accepts LOVE as its state religion.
Religiosity is encouraged.

Amorousness nature is doubly encouraged. No interpretation is suitable hereto.

With Love,